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Project Manager


Pharmacy Manager


Ramsey Road, Shirley , NY


Key Responsibilities:
  • Initiate and maintain collaborative relationships with customers;
  • Establish and maintain close communication with the R&D department;
  • Responsible for designing and implementing projects, milestone follow-up, completion of data collection, storage, presentation, and project closure;
  • Prepare and write scientific papers and case studies;
  • Demonstrate projects' purpose, process, and results as requested;
  • Offer advice and consultation on research-related topics and help meet customers' requirements.
  • Ph.D. in Biomedical / Biopharmaceutical / Molecular biology / Cellular biology / Biomedical engineering/ Microbiology / Plant / Biomaterials and related areas;
  • Ability to complete complicated tasks independently;
  • Experience with publishing and presenting scientific work to customers;
  • Positive attitude, outgoing personality, hardworking, and open-minded;
  • Highly motivated and capable of self-learning;
  • Experience working in top pharmaceutical or CRO companies is preferred.
Employment Type: Full-time

Location: New York, USA

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Creative BioMart




Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY

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